A 16ft Peterborough canoe on Loch Maree during a circuit linking this loch with Fionn Loch. The canoe was built by Mike Morris during a course at Moosehead

We came across our first wood-canvas canoe quite by chance in 1992.  Captivated by its beauty, authenticity and history, we set out on a quest to learn how to build them. We have been making them ever since, and using them to explore the waterways around us, mainly in Scotland. This site contains information about constructing this type of canoe, and our experiences of using them in preference to plastic boats.

We have also done extensive research into the design and construction of paddles to complement our canoes. We have amassed a large collection of paddle designs from all over the world, both contemporary patterns and those from paddles unearthed at archaeological sites dating back to 9000 years BP. We have specialised in developing innovative laminating set-ups for creating unique and eye-catching paddles. Many of these designs and building methods are contained in Graham's books on paddlemaking, and also in our DVD and paddle plans.

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Moosehead beavertail

Paddles that stand out from the crowd - an example of non-linear laminating.

Moosehead Powermaster Pro

Profiled face for unreal pulling power. The back face is smooth making this a 2-speed paddle! .