Built  by George Dawson; 2013

     1.     The cedar, planked & quarter sawn were locally sourced & machined to 7mm thick & steam bent where needed. I chose the 16-foot Ranger, which is, shallow arch, slightly rockered, perfect for me & my grandchildren, just great as a family canoe.

     2.     The inner & outer gunnels are in ash, secured using bronze screws.

     3.     Covered with 12oz Cotton Canvas.

     5.     The canvas was stretched & secured, painted with Ekofill by Stewart Systems, based in France, Ekofill it used as a canvas grain filler on light aircraft, an excellent, expensive product. 3 coats of International Toplac on the outside, & 3 coats of Yacht varnish on the inside.  

     6.     The thwarts are in ash.

     7.     Brass stem bands fitted to front & rear.

     8.     The seat frames are in ash with woven webbing for the seat.

     9.      Screws, bolts & nails are bronze, the specialist tacks are brass, all were imported from Northwoods Canoe Company in Maine, I have all receipts.

The canoe has been used, and cared for.

Delivery can be arranged after inspections are made, please contact me for any further information.

George Dawson, email, gdawson@ggdawson.co.uk

Cedar-canvas Ranger canoe

Excellent condition. £2000

For further details please contact:

George Dawson, email, gdawson@ggdawson.co.uk


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